I live in South East England, but I grew up in a small mountain village in East Germany. My photographic work is an extension of the process of how I relate to the world that surrounds me. I try to find a way to reflect my ambivalent feelings about the experience of being here and being elsewhere, being alien and being involved. It all is about that journey called life. I aim to visualise these experiences through experimenting with different materials and the use of various cameras - including pinhole and toy cameras. As working with those simple medium format film cameras means having very little control, I work intuitively. I tend to feel, to sense the atmosphere of the image rather than to document something definite in front of my camera. Once I have found a theme, wind and light, temperature or even sounds inspire me to take a particular picture. And often this is the moment when I decide to add a second or third exposure to include another movement or layer of light. Thus I am always dealing both with the outer world that surrounds me as a photographer and with myself as a human being through all my senses and imaginations.


My work is available for sale. Prices depend on sizes and paper. Please contact me via e-mail or via my photo blog.







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