The Open Sky Above



I started to think about this photographic project as a result of my personal history. After I had escaped the communist regime of East Germany, an intense dream pointed out the story of my very own population that was forced to live in a tree top world, high up in the air, isolated from anything else, not allowed to question their allegedly perfect environment. A variety of almost touchable but at the same time symbolic images came to me which have been influencing the way I approach reality ever since essentially. During this intense internal viewing I doubted the idyllic quality of the world I belonged to and decided to leave that place heading down a tree trunk into total uncertainty. My very personal attempt to find a place to put down my feet eventually.


The intensity of this visual and almost spiritual experience made me try to "record" and re-visualize those internal images using my external tool: a camera.

When my friend, the writer Sarah J Butler, saw these series first, she wrote a Hymn to accompany my visual story. Thank you Sarah!



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