The Swimmer



After a long time of planning and investigating, my friend, the writer SJ Butler, and I are now able to hold a wonderful hand printed book in our hands. Sarah had written a short story called "The Swimmer" which was published before in the anthology "The best British short stories 2011". I loved the story and tried to find the right visual atmosphere to accompany the text with my photographs. I used a medium format Holga and a pinhole camera. After we had all our raw material we realised it was not easy to find someone who would be able to produce a nice and tactile letter printed book. But we were lucky and met Frances and Nicolas McDowall who have been working as printmakers and publishers of the most beautiful books for many years. They agreed to take our project on and printed those gorgeous books at their Old Stile Press. See some photos on my blog


As the book has been hand printed and is a limited edition, you probably will not find it displayed at your local book shop. But the book is for sale and Frances and Nicolas McDowall will be happy to help you if you would like to buy a copy. Just contact me or the McDonald's (




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